Wilderness First Aid and Herbal First Aid

Importance of Wilderness First Aid What is the definition of Wilderness First Aid? Answer: Being an hour or more from higher medical care (i.e. clinic, emergency room, etc.). Wilderness first aid skills are traditionally thought to be essential for any outdoor adventurer. This is certainly true, but as the COVID

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Understanding cGMP, the FDA and Herbs

What Is GMP and why do I need to know anything about it if I work with herbs? GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practices, is a system of processes, procedures, and documentation that ensures manufacturing products such as food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals are consistently produced and controlled by established quality standards.

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Learning about herbs, Part 1: Educational Goals

What are your herbal goals? Before talking about different methods of learning and gaining experience with herbal medicine, let’s talk about what possibilities exist for you and your goals in this path. What would you like to do with your herbal education and experience? Teach? Practice Clinical Herbalism? Open and

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Baby nurse, in the wild.

Written by Suchil Coffman. About five years ago, I took Steve Pehrson’s Austere Trauma course at our school, and it hooked me. With no medical background behind me, I found myself fascinated by the oft-repeated phrase, “what would you do when there is NO higher care?” I learned about sterile

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The Story of Nica Pather – Our School’s Mascot

In 2012, our school did our first herbal medicine clinic in Nicaragua with about 22 of our students and staff. Our clinical herbalist students were doing free herbal clinics for the village we stayed in, and our off-grid engineering students were working on slow sand water filtration units for a

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