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Winter storm course update

Hello everyone,

We hope you are safe and warm. The winter storm that blew through our country this past weekend was intense, and so many found themselves without water and power, adequate resources and sub-freezing temperatures. Many are now reeling from the storm with serious property damage and still no utilities during winter conditions.

Here in South Central Texas, we were hit with historic low temps and devastating effects to the communities. Everything has ground to a stop. The infrastructure is built for triple digit heat, but freezing ice and snow … not so much.

Many of our upcoming courses include supplies that are mailed out to students. Incoming shipments have halted and outgoing student supplies are delayed. Many of our staff and students are directly impacted from the storm as well.

We will be delaying the following courses by a week to allow for course supplies to arrive and for students and staff to re-group. If you are already enrolled in any of these courses, an email will go out to let you know details about the new start dates, and if you still would like to sign up for these courses, the registration date is extended by a week.

Herbal Medicine for Professionals, new start date March 1st

Woman in the Woods: Situational Awareness and Personal Safety, new start date is March 8th

Wilderness First Aid Certification Course, new start date is March 22nd

Advanced External Medicine Making Intensive, materials will ship March 29th

Thank you for understanding,

The Staff at The Human Path / Herbal Medics Academy